Stretching & Strengthening to Help Your Golf Swing

August 18, 2015

The pairing of fitness and golf has become a hot topic as more professional players are speaking of the improvements fitness programs have had on their game. Recently the Boston Herald spotlighted  David Koehn of Boston Physical Therapy, who has taken the information a step forward by providing exercise therapy tips on ways in which players can improve their flexibility and mobility, on and off the green, by performing brief stretching and strengthening therapy programs.

He shares that these programs are especially impactful for older players, decreasing the chances of aging pains and limitations affecting their body and their game. By performing exercises for the mid-back and shoulders, players are able to improve rotations and produce longer drives in their golf swing. So next time you’re putting seems a little shy of its usual swing, try a few shoulder and back programs and see how your body, and your swing, thanks you.

SimepleTherapy offers programs for the shoulderupper and lower back.

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