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SimpleTherapy is the 1st line of defense for musculoskeletal disorders and related behavioral health challenges. We believe in deploying evidence-based exercise therapy and applicable behavioral health interventions before any other invasive and expensive treatments are necessary.

SimpleTherapy uses a proprietary intelligent, self-guided digital exercise therapy platform and surrounds you with a comprehensive Care Team of coaches, physical therapists, mental health providers and doctors to ensure the best possible outcomes. Less barriers, less hassle and better results.

No Deductible, Co-Pay, Rx or Referral Necessary

Health Coaches, Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Surgeons

Sensorless Technology Reduce Cost and Increase Compliance

Proven to Reduce Surgery by 66%. Save $2,669 Per Member

100% of Fees At-Risk. Clients report 3.5x ROI within Year 1.

Drive Engagement and Prove Member Outcomes

Multi-Language Capability with a Large Scale International Footprint

A Multidisciplinary Care Team

SimpleTherapy combines a comprehensive digital program with dedicated Licensed Physical Therapists to help you manage and prevent pain across 18 body parts through 15-minute exercise therapy sessions and Live 1:1 TelePT consults.

Members are surrounded by a a multidisciplinary care team to make sure their needs are met. They will establish a continuous relationship with a Licensed Physical Therapist virtually, beginning from the first 30–45-minute comprehensive visit and extending to every visit thereafter as much as the member needs. Members also have access to a diverse panel of board-certified physicians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Chiropractors, behavioral health and substance use disorder clinicians. Coordinated care is delivered by a consistent team of specialists based on each member’s unique circumstance.

  • Prevention to Surgical

    Behavioral Health Clinician

  • Head to Toe

    Physical Therapist

  • Maintenance

    Occupational Therapist

  • Maintenance

    Speech Therapist

  • National Telemedicine

    Physician (Orthopedists, Psychiatrists)

  •  Care Management


  • Benefit Administration


  • Benefit Administration

    Health Coach

Certified for Lowering
Medical Costs

SimpleTherapy is proud to earn a Level 1 Savings certification by the Validated Institute. In a three-year medical claims analysis, participants in the SimpleTherapy program demonstrated a significant decrease in surgical costs, as well as drops in chiropractic, imaging and rehab services, compared to those who did not utilize the program.

Watch the video and learn more about the validation methodology and learn directly from our Chief Medical Officer and Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Tae Won Kim, about the findings that lead to this certification.

Industry leading Lower MSK claims costs by $2,669 PER USER

Validation seal

Lower Spending on: Surgeries, Medication,
Imaging, Rehabilitation Services

Address MSK Across the Entire Continuum of Care


Management Programs




Injury Prevention


Live Physical


Provider Network
and Benefit Administration

Building an Effective MSK Strategy

Ecosystem Integration

Inbound and outbound referrals with care management and vendor ecosystem partners creates a seamless member experience and drives engagement across all benefit programs.

Targeted Marketing

Let us do the heavy lifting! Our Customer Success Team will build a co-branded, multi-channel communication strategy to ensure members find the right program at
the right time.

Unlimited Access

Pain is multi-focal and can come and go. SimpleTherapy provides unlimited, multi-program access with no enrollment waiting period and without the need for complicated equipment.

Top vendor

We’re Rated One of Shortlister’s
Top Venders

Companies like Costco trust us to provide their employers with proactive muscoskeletal care, and boost productivity.

Companies like Costco trust us to provide their employers with proactive muscoskeletal care, and boost productivity.

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“I had pain in my left knee, went to the doctor. He gave me medicines to ease the pain, but it didn't do anything for the leg. I found SimpleTherapy online & I'm happy to say that my knee has no pain at all now and I'm able to do everything that I've always done thanks to SimpleTherapy...“


Herb B., 72, Maumelle, AR

star star star star star

“I had fractured my ankle. I discovered SimpleTherapy online which I was able to do anytime I want throughout the week, day or night to help my pain management. I'm just thrilled to get to my life because of SimpleTherapy...“


Donn E., 52, Lake Elsinor, CA

star star star star star

“The pain in my hands was to the point that I couldn’t grip a pencil. Because of SimpleTherapy, I’m able to do everything that I want to do. And I am pain free.“


Kathy H., 66, Edina, MN

star star star star star

“I was going to therapy 3 times a week and I was driving an hour each way. It was very inconvenient! I could do SimpleTherapy at my own pace, I didn't have to go anywhere. Because of SimpleTherapy my pain is at 0 most of times, I'm able to return to my normal life!“


Tony O., 37, San Antonio, TX

star star star star star

“Having to travel to physical therapy was very inconvenient for me. I was in so much pain by the time I got there it was terrible. Now that my pain is just about gone, I'm able to go back to work, I'm able to drive to see my friends. All thanks to SimpleTherapy...“


Sally B., 58, Warrenton, VA

star star star star star

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