Hockey and Upper Body Injuries

Hockey and Upper Body Injuries

May 17, 2018

Ice hockey is a sport that requires a combination of speed, technique, and teamwork. As with any sport, hockey players are at risk for specific injury patterns- most commonly on the upper body.

Thankfully, many of these injuries are preventable. ProStockHockey and SimpleTherapy bring you the ultimate guide on how to prevent injuries from occurring and how to best treat injuries that happen in the rink.

The most common injuries affect the teeth, head, shoulders, abdominal area, and wrists. Read on to see what ProStockHockey has to say about keeping safe while scoring goals:

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Infographic by Pro Stock Hockey,
an online resource for authentic pro stock hockey gear

Have fun and play safe! If you do get injured during the hockey season, SimpleTherapy is here to help! We offer a wide range of pain programs to help relieve your discomfort at home. We are a progressive, adapting program personal to your needs that will start easy and build up gradually over time, as you advance in readiness. We also offer friendly coaching and 24/7 support whenever you need it. Try your first session free today!

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