Converse just launched its first re-design since the 1930’s

July 28, 2015

And guess what? It has an orthopedic sole!

The Chuck Taylor All Stars have been a staple shoe for some of the most famous athletes in history and according to the iconic brand, “A sole liner has been added to cushion the wearer’s feet and provide arch support using Nike’s Lunarlon foam material, which has been a key feature in a number of its most successful recent basketball shoe designs.”



Wilt Chamberlain laces up in the 1950s.

Shoe inserts can provide cushioning and support to your aching feet. Nearly 400 million dollars were spent on orthotics in 2013 and the industry is growing. The reasons that would prompt someone to need shoe orthotics are numerous but can be divided roughly into 2 segments: 1) cushioning and 2) support and stabilization. Only a detailed evaluation by a medical professional can determine which type of insert is best suited to your specific condition.

Inserts can be off the shelf or custom made and the materials can range from soft gel-like substances to harder plastics. Typically, for cushioning purposes, full-length softer inserts are more comfortable, while supportive inserts (i.e. arch supports) are made from harder materials. Another tip for patients with aching feet is to wear comfortable shoes with wide toe boxes to relieve pressure from the foot.

Finally, aside from appropriate cushioning and support, management of foot pain includes rest, activity modifications, and a stretching and strengthening program to condition the secondary stabilizers of the foot. At SimpleTherapy, you can design a specific stretching program for your feet to lessen stiffness and increase flexibility.

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