Lower Musculoskeletal
Cost Spend by 18%

Leading Fortune 500 companies cut
costs while improving employee’s lives.

MSK is a top challenge for employers


adults acquire annually


self-insured healthcare spend


cause occupational injury and productivity losss

Digital comprehensive MSK care

SimpleTherapy addresses MSK across 18 different body parts and gives each participant a hyper-personalized plan of care calibrated to their condition, limitations, and therapeutic response. Each participant’s care plan and exercise routine is augmented in real-time by artificial intelligence to deliver the right exercise at the right time.

We manage full-body musculoskeletal pain by focusing on 18 areas of the body pain by focusing on 18 areas of the body

Our results are proven

of participants experience lasting pain relief
fewer traditional healthcare resources utilized
of participants stop using prescription opioids

Evidence-based best practice care

The SimpleTherapy program was
developed by board-certified
orthopaedic surgeons as the first line
of defense for over 5,500 conditions
for head-to-toe recovery.

Easy-to-follow Programs

Dynamic Care Plans

Care Team Oversight

MSK Care Navigation

Address MSK across the entire continuum of care

MSK Recovery Programs

Occupational Injury
Prevention Programs

Specialty Condition and
Lifestyle Programs

Created to simply produce results

Ecosystem Integration

Inbound and outbound referrals drive engagement of SimpleTherapy in addition to other vendor programs such as diabetes and behavioral health.

Targeted Marketing

Customer Success Managers use predictive analytics to identifying high risk claimants, member’s currently inside the healthcare ecosystem, and member’s suffering in silence.

Process as a Medical Claim

SimpleTherapy is a digital healthcare national provider similar to any other in-network provider. There are no member co-pays or barriers to care.

Unlimited Care

Pain is multifocal and can come and go. Provide a solution with no enrollment waiting period, without the need for complicated equipment, and unlimited episodes of care.

We’re rated one of
Shortlister’s Top Venders

Companies like Costco trust us to provide their employers with proactive Musculoskeletal care, and boost productivity.

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