How to Effectively Manage Flat Feet

How to Effectively Manage Flat Feet

October 22, 2015

Acquired flat foot deformity occurs when the arch of the foot loses support and collapses resulting in changes in both the hindfoot and forefoot leading to flat feet. There are many causes of flat feet, but the most common is due to dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon. The degrees of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction can vary from tendonitis and inflammation to rupture. The deformity occurs when this tendon loses the ability to support the arch of the foot.

Management of flat feet depends on the degree of the deformity and stiffness of the foot. For supple deformities, simple bracing can help provide the necessary support to improve foot position. However, for severe and stiff deformities, occasionally hindfoot fusion may be necessary. Please consult with your physician.

For inflammations of the posterior tibialis tendon, rest, activity modifications, anti-inflammatories, and a stretching and ankle stabilization program can help minimize pain and improve function. function.

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