SimpleTherapy’s ‘Meet a Vendor’ Webinar with Shortlister

SimpleTherapy’s ‘Meet a Vendor’ Webinar with Shortlister

September 11, 2019

On August 23rd, Shortlister hosted Ross Reavis, SimpleTherapy’s Vice President of Business Development, to learn more about our innovative solution combining exercise therapy, a live expert care team, and artificial intelligence to create a pain recovery program tailored to fit each individual’s needs.

Shortlister’s Blog highlighted the key points of the webinar and what we provide.

Shortlister states, “Musculoskeletal disorders continue to be on the rise, costing employers significantly more healthcare dollars to treat. With the proliferation of point solutions and vendors making their way to market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate solutions that can drive meaningful clinical outcomes. SimpleTherapy was created to address every concern…”

During the webinar, Ross breaks down how SimpleTherapy’s musculoskeletal solution works. SimpleTherapy provides deep personalization through a quick list of on-boarding questions about the member’s pain or past injuries. Personalized and adaptive, members follow guided video exercises from a library of over 1,200 selections for their individual recovery needs.

Ross also covers our live Health Coaching, we have a designated expert care team that can be contacted via text or phone, who will help keep members accountable and progress in their recovery goals.

A brand new feature SimpleTherapy launched is the Care Pack. It includes pain patches, a hot/cold pack, a water bottle, a phone stand and more. The Care Pack is unlocked and shipped to the member’s home after completing two sessions on the app.

Read more about Ross’ Shortlister webinar and SimpleTherapy’s features on their new blog post.

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