Prevent Wrist Injuries from Golf

April 7, 2016

A physical therapist (“physiotherapist”) on the European PGA golf tour has initiated a handy series of articles detailing injuries common to golfers across a range of skill levels on the PGAs of Europe site. In the European Tour Performance Institute’s first piece, injuries to the wrist joint and soft tissue are examined, including how physical therapy can speed up recovery to get golfers back out on the green as quickly as possible.

“Due to the biomechanical requirements of such an asymmetrical swing, these are often specific to certain areas and sides of the body in golfers depending on their lead side.  For instance, right-handed golfers, who lead with the left side, are more likely to suffer from Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) injuries on the left wrist and Dorsal Rim Impaction Syndrome DRIS injuries on the right wrist.”

If you’re experiencing this, SimpleTherapy’s wrist pain recovery program might be just what you need, and you can start one free session right away.



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