Can Avocado and Soy Ease Creaky Arthritic Joints?

Can Avocado and Soy Ease Creaky Arthritic Joints?

July 7, 2015

Survey says…. Possibly!

Recent studies, as noted in the Wall Street Journal, have been testing the benefits of avocado-soybean supplements (ASU) in treating pain related to knee osteoarthritis. While no clinical trials have been published on the effectiveness of ASU supplements as of yet, the product is reminiscent of a familiar French supplement that did undergo several clinical trials with mixed reviews on effectiveness. While some accounts cited use of the French supplement for short-term symptom relief, other critical analyses determined that the effect lacked evidence of long-term relief.

Since there have been no definitive recommendations for or against avosoy supplements, the product remains a “use at your own risk” option, though no apparent serious side effects have been reported.

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