6 Good Reasons To Treat Pain And Injury With Exercise Therapy

6 Good Reasons To Treat Pain And Injury With Exercise Therapy

March 7, 2017

Have you walked out of your doctor’s office with a referral for physical therapy? Tempted to disregard the prescription because you don’t know how many visits it will you or how much it’ll cost? This article list 7 good reasons to treat pain and injury with exercise therapy. Using SimpleTherapy for your back, muscle, or joint problem makes the process even easier since it can all be done from home.

1. To reduce or eliminate pain.
Many studies have shown that people who perform exercise therapy usually experience a greater enhancement in function with reduced pain than those who take pills.

2. To recover faster.
Physical therapy shortens the period of recovery.

3. To improve mobility.
Independence and safety both increase as well.

4. To avoid surgery.
Reverse the decline before surgery needs to become a consideration.

5. To improve balance and prevent falls.
Restore your musculoskeletal system to proper working order.

6. To prevent or recover from a sports injury.
Ensure safety in your favorite sport.


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