Five Ways To Decrease Back Pain At Your Desk

Five Ways To Decrease Back Pain At Your Desk

January 7, 2014

If you’re like most office workers, you spend the vast majority of your workday sitting down. Whether in meetings or at your own desk in front of a computer, sitting all day can be hard on your back. Even with a lot of concern given for office ergonomics, it’s still very common to find yourself with a stiff, sore back at the end of a day. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to decrease back pain and make your workday (and your free time!) more comfortable.

Make Sure Your Desk and Chair and Give you Good Posture

It’s not just a matter of having a good, comfortable chair (though that goes a long way), but also making sure that your chair holds your body in the right position to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Make sure that your upper arms are parallel to your spine and that your elbows are supported by armrests; that your feet rest comfortably on the ground; that your lower back is supported by the back of the chair; and that your screen is high enough so that when you look straight ahead your eyes rest on it comfortably.

Don’t Sit Still Too Long

No matter how good your seated posture is, sitting for too long will still strain your back.  Every half an hour, stand and stretch! A little bit of regular movement goes a long way towards keeping your back healthy.

Take A Short Walk

This can help even more than occasional stretching. Getting up and taking a quick walk, even fifteen or twenty minutes, will increase your circulation and keep your spine, muscles, and joints healthy. Also, getting away from your desk will clear your head and help you focus for the rest of the day.

Try a Different Kind of Chair

Rather than a standard office chair, try a kneeling chair or an exercise ball. Even if you don’t choose to use these options full time, using them as an occasional alternative can help alleviate stress on your back. As well, using an exercise ball, in particular, can increase your core strength and improve your posture.

Switch to a Standing Desk

More and more evidence is suggesting that sitting for long periods of time has negative effects on our health in many ways, from decreased circulation to lowered metabolism. Switching to a standing desk can have several benefits, including increasing your activity level and decreasing pain and pressure on your back. You can easily add a standing desk set up to your standing desk so that you can switch between standing and sitting.

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