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Your pain recovery program will be personalized for your individual progress. Here's what other customers say you can expect:

  • 72% users report a pain decrease! 64% of users report feeling better after just two sessions!
  • The most rapid improvement is reported with three sessions per week.
  • The typical length of recovery is six to twelve weeks.
  • Many users start with one pain area program and then add more. Once you begin, you have unlimited access!

What people are saying

  • “Great experience for me. I am able to move better and kneel easier now. I do the therapy every day, and it is helping me improve my function.”

  • “I'm so glad I discovered this website. I'm totally motivated to keep going. My goal is to work my way up to where I can start to handle more intense strength training. ”

  • “I must admit that I was skeptical at the beginning because the exercises were not strenuous. After sticking with the program, I was very satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend SimpleTherapy. Thank you for your help in my recovery.”

  • “WOW!!! I am so impressed with you guys!! My pain scared me because I had never dealt with pain before but now that you guys have given me exercises on how to deal with it, I hope to be running at full speed well before
    springtime. ”