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Low Back Pain

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Program Benefits:

Eliminate Low Back Pain

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

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Receive a Care Pack at no additional cost. It's delivered to your door and filled with everything you need to relieve pain fast.

30% less pain in just 5 sessions

For a limited time, Humana is offering SimpleTherapy to you at no cost.

SimpleTherapy is a low back pain recovery program accessed through your smart phone or tablet. The program is personalized to your condition and will guide you through targeted exercise routines to quickly relieve pain from the comfort of home using evidence-based techniques.

Great program filled with helpful exercises to get you back on track!”

-Mark, Missouri

The exercise videos are easy to follow, and gradually get more difficult to suit the user... It has already helped my back pain immensely.”

-Andrea, Illinois

I slept well after the exercises and had decreased pain.”

-Juliet, Florida

Great program, great follow up, easy to accomodate my time!”

-Steven, Ohio