What is Active Recovery? A Quick and Easy Way to Maximize Recovery

What is Active Recovery? A Quick and Easy Way to Maximize Recovery

February 1, 2021

Don’t Sit Around on an Off Day

An active recovery is a form of low-intensity physical activity that aids the healing of muscles and joints, particularly after a long day or a rigorous workout. Many of us take the term ‘rest day’ too literally. When you spend an off day not moving, being lazy, sitting around all day, and thinking you are recovering, you are actually negatively impacting the rate at which your muscle tissues and joints heal. By remaining inactive for an entire day, you allow lactic acid (the byproduct of muscle usage) to build up and settle in the muscle tissues making that sore and stiff feeling linger around for much longer than we want. That sore and stiff feeling can be a common deterrent from re-engaging in physical activity.

Active Recovery Can be Done Anytime, Anywhere

Active recovery can take on multiple forms and oftentimes, it can be successfully done without needing to leave your own home. It can also be achieved properly through the stretches and exercises provided to you in your SimpleTherapy program(s)! Other great forms of active recovery include; yoga, light cardio exercise, swimming, and foam rolling. By participating in any of these activities, your body should see the following benefits. It can take as little as 10 minutes depending on your level of activity the previous days.

·      Removes lactic acid from muscle tissues, relieving soreness, and stiffness

·      Increases fresh blood flow into the sore area(s). This fights inflammation and helps the muscle fibers heal at a quicker rate

·      Energy boost. Not only will this help to increase energy on an off day, but you will wake up the following day feeling refreshed and rested.

·      Allows you to more efficiently build on the progress achieved during your more rigorous physical activity

Try out SimpleTherapy’s stretches and exercises right away to optimize your recovery on an off day!

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