Thigh Pain And Its Causes

Thigh Pain And Its Causes

August 30, 2018

The thigh houses some of the largest muscles in the body that power your movements and activities.  At the front of the thigh, the quadriceps muscles allow your knee to extend while the hamstring muscles in the back flexes your knee.  These muscle groups are routinely strained or injured during sporting activities such as soccer and track and field.

A strained muscle refers to an injury leading to stretching without a tear of the muscle, while muscle tears can be partial or complete.  Injuries to the thigh muscles can be extremely painful and can often prevent walking or other activities.  Complete tears of the quadriceps should be evaluated by a physician to determine whether surgical intervention is necessary.

In cases of non-operative management, injuries of the thigh are treated with an initial period of rest, activity modifications, and following with a stretching and strengthening exercise program.  The return to activities can be variable but it often takes approximately 6-8 weeks.



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