Tennis, Anyone?  Lateral Epicondylitis Treatments

Tennis, Anyone?  Lateral Epicondylitis Treatments

May 14, 2018

Lateral epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow) is a condition that can cause pain over the outside part of the elbow.  It is a form of an overuse injury that can result in inflammation and sometimes tear of the muscles that help extend the wrist at the level of the elbow.  Common complaints from patients with this condition include pain, inability to carry bags or weights with the affected arm, and pain with repetitive motions of elbow and wrist movement.

Treatment options for lateral epicondylitis include rest, activity modifications, anti-inflammatories, and a stretching and strengthening program.  Braces or straps can sometimes be beneficial and provide symptomatic relief.  Occasionally, injections of corticosteroids can help reduce the local inflammation.  Other injections such as the use of one’s blood product (platelet-rich plasma (aka PRP)) have yielded equivocal results.  In only refractory and severe cases, surgery to repair the tendon tears or releases can be performed. Click here to read further about tennis elbow treatments, preventions, symptoms, and more.





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