Take 15 Minutes For Yourself

Take 15 Minutes For Yourself

September 25, 2019

The average American juggles a full work load, family life, hobbies, and personal time on a daily basis. Schedules get packed to the brim each week without fail, leaving barely any time left over for self-care. In honor of CHOC’s Mental Health Awareness focus for the month of October, SimpleTherapy encourages you to take time for yourself. After all, prioritizing your health is key to achieving success in any other areas.

SimpleTherapy offers 15-minute guided video therapy sessions to help you progress along your pain recovery journey. Log your pain levels, keep track of your progress, and check in with your health coach around the clock. Stress and tension from aching muscles may negatively impact your mood and decrease productivity, but taking baby steps towards recovery is simple with SimpleTherapy.

Don’t forget, SimpleTherapy is available at no cost to all CHOC associates.

Live healthy, live simply. Log in and start your session today!

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