Sticking To Your Goals

Sticking To Your Goals

March 7, 2013

Starting anything new, whether it be a new exercise routine or a course of home exercise therapy, is an exciting time. Just remember how excited you were when you were younger to start a new semester of school, or the surge of energy when you began a new job for the first time. Starting an exercise program can be absolutely no different! You feel motivated to start something fresh, and are looking forward to making progress on your goals. Starting a home exercise therapy program can even be fun!

The Challenges of Sticking to Your Goals

Once you have taken that all-important first step, sticking to it will have its own challenges. There are three primary obstacles that can stand in your way:

  1. Challenge. Home exercise programs start slow and gradually become more difficult. This makes them more challenging as you progress, and sometimes harder to stick with.
  2. Energy. Like anything that you do multiple times a week, you might experience fatigue or find that your enthusiasm wanes.
  3. Habit. It takes time to make any new pattern into a habit, and until that habit takes hold and becomes routine, you need to constantly remind yourself to stick to the program.

Tools for Success

Luckily, here are some easy steps that you can take to make it easier, and even more fun, to meet your goals. The longer you stick with the program, the easier it will be to continue, so make sure that you give yourself every chance for success!

  • Work it into your schedule. Treat your home exercise therapy sessions like any other appointment, and make a note of them in your calendar or day planner. If a conflict arises, be sure to reschedule a new time slot.
  • Keep track of your progress. Be sure you pay attention to how much you are accomplishing each day, perhaps by keeping a notebook or blog. You’ll be surprised how much you are actually doing!
  • Frame it as something you enjoy. Make sure your clothing is comfortable, play your favorite record while you go through your routine, and once you’re finished, enjoy your favorite beverage to refresh yourself. These little habits can go a long way!
  • Don’t beat yourself up. If you happen to miss a session or even several in a row, it is important not to get discouraged. You can always pick up where you left off or begin all over again. Don’t let momentary pauses stop you!
  • Have a work-out buddy. Even if you have vastly different routines, pick a friend to share your accomplishments with. Let them know your exercise schedule and share your milestones. Having someone in your corner can increase your chances for success!

These tips will increase the likelihood that you will stick with your home exercise therapy program. It is your strength and determination that will help you succeed in this and all the other exciting new adventures that you begin. Plus, SimpleTherapy® doesn’t just leave you on your own. It also provides lots of helpful tools to encourage you to stick with the program and keep going strong. SimpleTherapy® tracks your progress to show how far you’ve come send you reminder emails and keeps all the videos available to you from each session so you can always go back or restart if you need to. You can never go wrong when you’re taking important steps to move forward and Progress Yourself®!

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