Staying Fit With A Back Injury

Staying Fit With A Back Injury

December 30, 2013

Back injuries and back pain can cause significant disability and take you away from the activities you love. The road to recovery is a fine balance between resting and staying mobile and active. Too much rest will cause stiffness and decreased range of motion; too much activity will only aggravate that sore back. Here are some tips from us to help you get over this nagging problem and get you back to your active life.

Talk To Your Doctor

No matter what you do while recovering, the first and most important step is to talk to your doctor about your back pain and understand the kind of movements and activities that are safe for you. Every injury and condition has it’s own specific restrictions, and everybody is different. Knowing your limits is critical, and be sure to discuss everything you plan to do with your doctor before proceeding.

Explore Crosstraining

Even if your back injury prevents you from doing to activities that you are used to, take the opportunities to explore other exercises that might be easier for you while you recover. Crosstraining refers to exercises and activities outside of your main sport or physical pursuit; for example, football players will often train in boxing to build their cardio, and do yoga for flexibility. Branching out and learning new routines will also keep you focused and occupied during your recovery. This is the perfect time to pick up that other activity that has always fascinated you but that you never had
time for.

Focus on the Basics of Fitness

Rather than focusing on what you aren’t able to do, like playing a specific sport, shift your attention to maintaining good overall health. Working on cardio can be especially effective, and activities like swimming and recumbent cycling are generally very easy on the lower back. Recovering from an injury can also be a great time to focus on strength training, especially in parts of the body that you may have been neglecting before. By talking to your doctor, paying attention to the signals from your own body, and being safe you can overcome back pain and gain a great level of fitness.

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