Spring Into Action!

Spring Into Action!

May 3, 2018

The weather is clearing up and you hear the call to action!  You want to move and you want to play, but the beginning of each sporting season is when you are most prone to injury. Like plants, muscles and joints need constant attention and without it, they weaken and stiffen respectively. It is during this period that they are most prone to tears and sprains.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as the warmer months call us outside:

Take time to stretch before any outdoor activities. Stretching can help reduce the chance of future sore muscles and joint pain. Plan for rest periods and eliminate activities that cannot be stopped if you start to feel tired.

Take rest breaks every 30-60 minutes.

Drink plenty of water, pack extra for the day.

Don’t over commit yourself, know and respect your limits.

Get some help if tasks start to feel strenuous. It is perfectly fine to ask for and accept help.

Experts have shown that a pre-conditioning program can help minimize the risk of sporting injury. In one study, a simple stretching and conditioning program improved performance and reduced the risk of injury in high level soccer players.  Whether it is a rotator cuff strengthening program or a knee exercise therapy regimen, SimpleTherapy can help you shake off the rust and spring into action.

?Pro tip: If you are planning for upcoming activities, use SimpleTherapy as a preventive method to increase mobility and flexibility and avoid strains!

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