Smart Sneakers Help Early Symptoms of Arthritis

Smart Sneakers Help Early Symptoms of Arthritis

December 22, 2015

Photo courtesy of Science Photo Library. 

Researchers at Stanford University have designed a sneaker that shifts wearers’ stride to take the pressure off of the affected area of the knee and reduce the pain caused by Arthritis.

“The earliest stage of osteoarthritis, where the joint cartilage thins, is usually painless and, by the time there are symptoms, the damage is done, so the only treatment is pain relief.

Physiotherapy can also help, by strengthening the muscles around the joint and taking some of the pressure off it.

The theory is that wearing shoes while walking will reduce levels of inflammatory markers.

However, many patients end up needing surgery to replace the joint: around 90,000 knee replacements were performed last year. Research shows that most damage caused by arthritis is to the inside of the knee joint.

The shoes look like ordinary trainers and have special soles that are nearly twice as stiff on the outside edge as on the inside. This is thought to alter the angles between the foot and the knee during walking, taking the load off the inside and shifting it to the outside, where cartilage is less damaged.”

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