SimpleTherapy is a Shortlister Top Corporate Musculoskeletal Vendor!

SimpleTherapy is a Shortlister Top Corporate Musculoskeletal Vendor!

January 26, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that SimpleTherapy has been selected by Shortlister as one of the Top Corporate Musculoskeletal Vendors!

Shortlister helps employers and consultants find HR service and technology providers. It is the #1 marketplace for finding and selecting vendors in the wellness, HR technology and benefits space.

Shortlister offers:


Hundreds of vendors have completed profiles in Shortlister, so you can learn about any vendor in minutes. (Here is SimpleTherapys’!)

Matching Algorithm

Our proprietary matching algorithm will consider your important search criteria, like budget, program goals, and demographics, to provide the best vendor options for your needs. There is no way for vendors to “buy rank” in the algorithm.

Summary & Comparison Reporting

Once you’re happy with the grouping, you can generate an executive summary to share with your team and when you’ve got consensus, request proposals from the group of vendors

Expert Support

If you feel like you need expert support in designing your search process, selecting finalists or just want a resource with a lot of experience in overseeing vendor selection processes, the pros at Sortlister have the experience to help.

Shortlister have 4 million lives searched, 500+ vendors considered, and 150k pre-completed RFI responses!


So far, SimpleTherapy holds the title as Top Corporate Musculoskeletal Vendor for Q4 2019 and Q1 2020.



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