Shin Splints: How To Beat It!

Shin Splints: How To Beat It!

August 20, 2018

Shin splints are the pain and tightness that overcomes the front of the lower legs during exercise that can be both annoying and debilitating.  The causes of shin splints can include irritated and swollen muscles, stress fractures of the tibia, and conditions such as medial tibial stress syndrome and exercise-induced compartment syndrome.

The symptoms are typically worse with activity and relieved by rest.  If pain is not relieved by rest or awakens you at night please consult your physician.  Typically, a trial of rest, activity modifications, and a graduated return to exercise and other activities form the foundation of initial treatment.  Stretching and strengthening of the muscles of the lower leg (shin) can help decrease swelling and tightness.  Other exercise programs include core stabilization and hamstring stretching programs can also be helpful.

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