Have Questions About Arthritis?

Have Questions About Arthritis?

October 13, 2015

World Arthritis Day just passed yesterday and many of you may be left with lingering questions about the onset of arthritis, pain relief options, and where you can learn more about the disease. The Coast News recently published a series of informative pieces by Dr.  Alexandra R. Bunyak, and the fourth article in the series focused on arthritis and answered questions such as:

  • What is arthritis and what are the different types?
  • Is surgery the only option for osteoarthritis?
  • What are the best natural/holistic approaches for arthritis?
  • What are regenerative injections and how do they work? 
  • And more…

As we’ve learned through the week of WAD 2015 events and articles, arthritis does not have to keep you down and in fact, some of the best relief comes from keeping up with a physical activity that improves strength, stability, and flexibility.


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