How To Prevent Injuries When Spring Cleaning and Gardening

April 17, 2016

Bending, reaching, and kneeling are all activities that come into play each Spring as begin our rituals of deep cleaning and gardening.

This physical therapist’s write up walks through eight tips for avoiding over-exertion. Some of the top tips include…

  1. Don’t Overdo It
    Know your vulnerable areas. If you already have problems with your back, don’t put any unnecessary strain on it – you’ll only pay the price for it by possibly causing a worse injury.
  2. Pace Yourself!
    One of the best ways to avoid injuries from repeatedly straining is to break tasks down into manageable bite-sized chunks. Do little and often, take breaks, and drink lots of water.
  3. Ask for Help
    Get assistance with heavy lifting; two people are better than one when there’s a lot of lifting to do. Repeatedly lifting your arms over your head can cause trouble to the shoulder area, you can strain muscles or worse. And remember; always bend your knees when you lift. Lift through your legs, not from your back. 
  4. Protect Your Knees
    If you have problems with your knees, or even if you don’t, use a cushion or knee pad when scrubbing floors or weeding in the garden, and don’t reach too far. While it’s good to stretch, it’s not good to put strain on your neck or back by stretching too far.


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