Poor Posture Found to Increase Risk of Low Back Pain

Poor Posture Found to Increase Risk of Low Back Pain

May 6, 2015

Low back work-related injuries can lead to a significant loss in wages and productivity.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2011, there were 225,980 work-related cases involving injuries to the low back.  Most of these injuries are the result of chronic repetitive activities and overuse.  In a recent study, Yildirim and colleagues found that incorrect standing, sitting, and bending forward postures significantly correlated with low back pain in both blue and white-collar workers.

Experts have shown that education and attention to proper lifting techniques, optimal workplace ergonomics, and a regular exercise program to strengthen the core and paraspinal muscles can help minimize the number of low back complaints in the workplace.

At SimpleTherapy, you can design an individualized exercise therapy program to stretch and strengthen your low back to minimize the risk of low back injury.

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