Driving Away Neck Pain!

Many of us spend a significant amount in our cars commuting.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is estimated that the average time to work in the United States is slightly in excess of 25 minutes.  Being stuck in traffic can cause significant stress and strain on the neck and cause pain and stiffness. […]

Exercise Better Than Drugs for Neck Pain

Neck pain commonly affects many of us causing significant morbidity and loss of productivity.  The causes of neck pain are many but include neck strain, cervical spine arthritis, and disc herniations.  Treatment options for many of these conditions include rest, anti-inflammatory medications, therapy, and in severe instances (for certain conditions only) surgery. While medications can […]

Most Efficient Recovery to Improve ACL Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injures are common and are often treated with ACL reconstruction (rebuilding) in order to allow for a return to sports or daily activities without the knee giving out. Despite being a successful surgery in most cases, some patients still don’t feel as if their knee is where they want it to […]

Calf Pain: When To Worry And When Not To Worry

The causes of calf pain can be highly variable including direct trauma, overuse, muscle and tendon ruptures, and blood clots.  The symptoms can range from mild achiness and tightness to sudden inability to walk or bear weight. The initial treatment of these injuries include rest, elevation, and compression.  Heating pads can help relax muscle spasms.  […]

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