Most Common Sports Injuries & Prevention Tips

Most Common Sports Injuries & Prevention Tips

March 30, 2021

Sports participation is one of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle for people of all ages. It combines cardio, strength, coordination and skill with competitive fun.

However, sports injuries account for millions of hospital visits each year – and that number is steadily growing. But, there’s good news – many sports related injuries are preventable.

There are two types of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Acute injuries happen suddenly and are often accompanied by severe pain (knee sprain). Chronic injuries develop over time as a result of overuse (tendinitis). Preventative measures can be taken for both of these types of sports injuries to lower your risk while participating in your sport of choice.

We’ve compiled the following information from the most popular sports, listing the most common injury associated with that sport along with some helpful prevention tips. We hope you can use this information to become better aware of the possible risks involved in sports participation and how you can prevent injury to your joints.

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Notorious for Elbow Injuries (Ulnar Collateral Ligament)
Prevention Tips: Warm up properly, rotate positions, avoid playing year around.


Notorious for Ankle Sprains
Prevention Tips: Regular physicals, strength training, avoid inactivity for long periods of time.


Notorious for Ankle Sprains
Prevention Tips:  Use mats during practice sessions and avoid participating when tired or ill.


Notorious for Knee Pain (Patellofemoral Syndrome)
Prevention Tips: Use shoe implants, wedges beneath the toes and adjust cleat positions.


Notorious for Foot & Ankle Injuries
Prevention Tips: Proper warm-ups, wear properly fitted shoes, practice good technique.

Field Hockey

Notorious for Hand Fractures
Prevention Tips: Protective gear, more awareness of hazardous conditions.

Figure Skating

Notorious for Stress Fractures in Feet & Spine
Prevention Tips: Practicing with harnesses, limiting jump repetitions, practicing perfect form.


Notorious for Knee Injuries (ACL/PCL)
Prevention Tips: Regular physicals, more strength training, adequate hydration, avoiding inactivity for long periods.


Notorious for Back Pain
Prevention Tips: Develop good swing technique, implementing a routine stretch and flexibility exercise.


Notorious for Back Muscle Strain (Spondylolysis)
Prevention Tips: Wear protective wear during training and competitions, avoid playing through the pain.


Notorious for Concussions & Facial Injuries
Prevention Tips: Regular physical exams, using high quality protective equipment, more awareness for hazards during games.


Notorious for Ankle Sprains
Prevention Tips: Stay in good shape year around, more leg conditioning, more strength training.


Notorious for Concussions & Hamstring Injuries
Prevention Tips: Warm up effectively, use proper technique, participate in a level consistent with your experience.


Notorious for Knee Injuries
Prevention Tips: Ski at your skill level, avoid inactivity for long periods of time, workout prior to hitting the slopes.


Notorious for Knee & Ankle Sprains
Prevention Tips: Proper striking and kicking technique, awareness of field conditions, thorough training and lower body exercises.


Notorious for Shoulder & Elbow Sprains (UCL)
Prevention Tips: Avoid playing through pain, pitching on multiple teams and pitching too hard too soon.


Notorious for Shoulder Injuries (Rotator Cuff)
Prevention Tips: Proper stroke technique, adequate rest and recovery and more core strengthening and cross training exercises.


Notorious for Tennis Elbow
Prevention Tips: Regular warm-up routine, more arm strengthening exercises, use right grip size of racquet.


Notorious for Knee Pain (Patellar Tendinitis)
Prevention Tips: More leg strengthening exercises, regular warm-up routines and and proper cool down after practice.

Water Polo

Notorious for Shoulder Pain (Labrum Tear)
Prevention Tips: Focus on more shoulder muscle training, proper warm-ups and flexibility exercises.


Notorious for Knee Pain (Prepatella Bursitis)
Prevention Tips: Wear proper protective gear such as knee pads, treat minor injuries immediately, proper wrestling technique.

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