Keep Moving to Beat Chronic Pain

Keep Moving to Beat Chronic Pain

January 29, 2015

Chronic pain conditions affect millions of people and can take an emotional toll on patients and their loved ones. In a recent article by The Washington Post, chronic pain is often accompanied by depression and isolation. Costs exceeding half a trillion dollars in terms of medical expenses and lost productivity are incurred annually due to this condition.

The treatment for chronic pain conditions requires a multidisciplinary approach focused to improve both physical and mental health. Regular stretching and therapeutic exercise have been shown to improve mobility and reduce discomfort in these patients. The goal of treatment is to retrain your body on how to interpret pain signals to regain control of life.

SimpleTherapy can help those with chronic pain conditions by providing custom, individualized exercise therapy programs for all major joints and muscle groups. The intelligent, interactive exercise therapy programs allow one to remain active while avoiding exercises that can aggravate pain.

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