How to Avoid Future Medical Costs by Using Your Employer Sponsored Wellness Programs

How to Avoid Future Medical Costs by Using Your Employer Sponsored Wellness Programs

March 25, 2019

Every day, millions of Americans wake up, go to work, and live their lives with chronic pain. People who experience pain are less likely to perform well and in turn, employers overspend with every employee that is in need of treatment. White-collar workers spend upwards of 8-10 hours seated at a desk while blue-collar workers exert maximum physical strength for extended periods of time. Consistent physical demands in the workplace adds extra stress to the body and limit the overall well-being and quality of life. Many Americans turn to opioids as a temporary fix for their pain and quickly find themselves to be another number in the billions the addiction has consumed. In a recent article published in The Institute of Medicine, chronic pain is often accompanied by an inability to establish and maintain relationships, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression.

Healthcare costs are rising out of control and contributing to America’s medical debt crisis. The cause of the crisis is multifaceted, and healthcare costs are often passed on to the patient. Medical expenses and debt can impose significant burdens on American families. The care for joint and muscle disorders comprises a significant portion of overall healthcare expenses. The NPAF reports that one in five families will struggle to pay medical debt each year. Over $30 billion dollars are spent annually in the U.S. outpatient rehabilitation market. Several studies have shown that most patients’ muscle and joint conditions would benefit from a stretching and strengthening program.

?Did you know? Paying for physical therapy out of pocket can range anywhere from $75 – $350 per session. Standard out-of-pocket rates average $150 per session nationwide, depending on the length of the treatment plan. Thumbtack’s How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Employer-sponsored wellness programs such as SimpleTherapy breaks down these barriers and allow patients to take an early musculoskeletal conservative measure that enables them to overcome chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Many employees experience pain, see a doctor, get prescribed medication, and/or are consulted for surgery, which all adds up in bills and fees that may be overwhelming.

Through SimpleTherapy as an employee health benefit, care is not only available at no cost to you, it is overseen by clinicians and optimized by artificial intelligence, drawing from our extensive database curated over seven years. Our program is personalized and adaptive to your specific pain-needs.

“These exercises are the greatest thing. My pain is dramatically reduced, and they are so easy they only take about 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe something so easy would work, but I was desperate to do something non-invasive.” -SimpleTherapy Member, USA

SimpleTherapy offers a much less expensive alternative — a wide range of customizable online video programs designed to address muscle and joint pain. We want to address the issue of rising healthcare costs by offering a solution that required no co-pays or extra fees and is accessible anywhere, anytime.

SimpleTherapy can help those with chronic pain conditions by providing custom, individualized exercise therapy programs for all major joints and muscle groups.  SimpleTherapy may be used to treat and maintain pain as well as a preventative method. The intelligent, interactive exercise programs allow one to remain active while avoiding exercises that can aggravate pain. SimpleTherapy is an intervention method that has provided care for thousands right from the comfort of their home.


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