Fighting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Fighting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

June 14, 2018

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where a major sensory nerve (median nerve) to the hand is compressed or affected.  This condition can commonly affect people with jobs requiring repetitive movements of the wrist and hand and also that typing in front of a computer screen for hours on end.

The median nerve can be affected at various points ranging from the wrist to the cervical spine.  Some experts have postulated that cases of recurrent and refractory symptoms even after surgical decompression of the nerve at the wrist are due to compression at these other sites causing a “double crush” phenomenon.

For those affected with carpal tunnel syndrome, optimizing the work or home environment (ergonomics) can go a long way to minimize nerve irritation and inflammation.  Additionally, strengthening the neck muscles to optimize posture can also relieve pressure on the median nerve.

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