Exploring Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

May 23, 2018

Chronic pain syndrome refers to persistent pain symptoms not explained by a particular medical condition.  The causes are variable but can range from innocuous injuries to post-surgery.  The pain can be severe and debilitating and patients often become dependent on potent narcotics to manage their pain.

The treatment and management of patients with chronic pain syndrome require the development of an individualized and multidisciplinary program that focus on both the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing.  Effective programs have included regular physical exercise therapy programs as well as regular individual and group therapy sessions.  Some centers such as the Veteran’s Administration have even gone on to employ non-traditional modalities such as yoga, acupuncture, and even working with horses to manage chronic pain.

The ultimate goal in all of these programs is to minimize narcotic consumption and retrain and return patients to a functional state.  At SimpleTherapy, you can customize and develop individualized programs for various joints and muscle groups to maintain mobility and flexibility.

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