Exercise a Key to Health Aging

Exercise a Key to Health Aging

February 8, 2021

Remaining physically active as we age can become tricky, and there are many reasons why staying active can become difficult. Although it can be tough, remaining active is one of the key elements to longevity. The positive influence of physical activity on your body is extensive. Below are some of the more prominent benefits that can easily be achieved by exercising consistently

Maintaining or losing weight

Physical activity requires energy. Depending on the duration and intensity of that activity, you are both burning calories and stimulating your metabolic/digestive system. This ensures the process in which your body recruits’ different systems for energy remains efficient. Keeping yourself at a healthy weight can help to preserve joint health and prevent the onset of many weight-related diseases.

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Physical activity places a higher demand on both the lungs and heart to supply muscles and organs with oxygen. By stimulating this system, you are making sure your cardiovascular system continues to function at a high level. Ensuring this system remains strong is essential. Heart disease is extremely common in the elderly and sedentary populations.

Muscles & Bones

Muscle growth and bone health are also stimulated during physical activity. This is especially true for resistance training or strength-related activities. When a load is placed on a particular joint, it requires the activation of that muscle to complete that activity or movement. Your bones respond to this weight by fortifying themselves, in turn becoming stronger and denser. Strong bones and muscles are essential in maintaining functionality and independence as you age!

Mobility & Balance

There are numerous modes of physical activity that enhance joint mobility and balance. This helps to ensure muscles and joints are functioning properly and can help prevent pain or injuries associated with poor posture or muscular imbalances. By exercising your body in this way, you are improving balance and coordination. Being able to control your movements can help to prevent or limit the risk of sudden injuries and falls!

Variety is Encouraged!

As you age, it is actually more important to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle. Varying your modes of activity can not only keep the activity new and fun but can help to work different parts of the body that are important to keep active as you age. If you currently consider yourself to be an inactive person, it is never too late to make those changes. You can always start off with basic activities like stretching or walking and slowly build your way up. Something is always better than nothing!

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