Even Olympic Athletes Have Inadequate Coverage for Sports Injuries

Even Olympic Athletes Have Inadequate Coverage for Sports Injuries

April 13, 2015

900 of the US’s elite athletes have inadequate health insurance coverage says a WashingtonPost examination of consumers about to face penalties for health insurance plans that don’t meet Affordable Care Act standards. The article, Olympic athletes’ health plan fails to meet Affordable Care Act rules, highlights the extremely high deductibles faced by these athletes who qualify annually for the Olympic Committee coverage based on their performance.

“The USOC [United States Olympic Committee] plan has a $25,000 deductible for sports injuries,” cites The Washington Post. “Its out-of-pocket maximum does not include prescription drugs and outpatient professional physical medicine, according to a copy of the program benefits provided by the USOC.”

Does it make you wonder what your health insurance coverage is for musculoskeletal injuries?

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