Don’t Stop Moving! Why Physical Activity is Key Part of Healthy Aging

Don’t Stop Moving! Why Physical Activity is Key Part of Healthy Aging

April 1, 2021

Don’t Stop Moving! Why Staying Physically Active is Key to Healthy Aging.

Continuing to be physically active is extremely important as we age. There are numerous physical and cognitive improvements gained from participating in regular physical activities. Have you ever heard the phrase move it or lose it? Well, much of that statement is true! Although as we age, maintaining a certain degree of activity may become more difficult, its importance only gets greater with each passing year.

Physical Activity

The physical benefits of continued activity are certainly the most notable. It can positively affect numerous systems within the body. These systems include improved cardiovascular health, to an increase in physical stamina. Being active also drastically lowers your risk for heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure.

Frequent physical activity also has a strong correlation with independence, greater bone density, and mass, as well as a positive increase in balance and flexibility. These benefits can make a great impact in limiting the risk of injury due to falls or accidents. Although the loss of muscle mass and bone mass is inevitable as we all age, continued activity can drastically limit those effects and can help you to continue to live the lifestyle you desire!


 Exercise is also great for brain health as well as emotional health. Physical activity can help maintain sharp cognitive function and reduce the onset of widespread cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia!

Emotionally, physical activity can be a great way of channeling stress along with anxiety positively and boosting your mood on a daily basis!

Ask Yourself

Are you getting enough weekly physical activity? Try tracking your weekly physical activities to help determine if you are doing enough.

Set Goals!

Set goals. For some, it helps to write down smaller goals in order to achieve a larger one long-term. This method helps to hold yourself accountable!

Try doing any of these activities below three times a week to start!

·      Walking

·      Cycling

·      Running

·      Hiking

·      Stretching

·      Yoga

·      Swimming

·      Sports

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