Chronic Ankle Instability:  Can’t Get My Feet Under Me!

Chronic Ankle Instability: Can’t Get My Feet Under Me!

May 10, 2018

Ankle joint instability affects many people who at one point in their lives sprained or injured their ankle.  There are numerous reasons leading to joint laxity and even instability ranging from joint dysplasia to tendon dysfunction.  For most people who feel like their ankles are weak, the principal reason is that the ligaments supporting the ankle joint do not fully heal and therefore are prone to re-injury.

Depending on the reason for your instability, treatment can be non-operative or operative.  Consult your physician.  Most of the time, non-operative management of chronic ankle instability includes bracing and an ankle stabilization program designed to strengthen the muscle groups around the ankle joint.

At SimpleTherapy you can design your own ankle stabilization program to help get your two feet under you.



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