Beat Chronic Fatigue with Exercise

Beat Chronic Fatigue with Exercise

April 30, 2015

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition characterized by physical and mental exhaustion not relieved with rest.  The cause of this medical condition is unknown, although many hypotheses including viral infections to stress have been proposed.

Symptoms can include extreme tiredness, loss of memory and concentration, and sleep disturbance.  Treatment for this condition requires a multidisciplinary approach to treat both physical and mental symptoms.  While there is no specified approach, most agree that exercise therapy and mobility is necessary to improve symptoms and function. Although it may seem counter-intuitive that excessive rest should be avoided, a recent report by the BBC detailing the findings of a study published in the Lancet Psychiatric journal, experts found that regular walking and exercise improved pain and function.  It is important that you are evaluated for reversible causes of chronic fatigue and other musculoskeletal injuries prior to starting physical exercise.

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